Indigenous Wisdom to Embrace Your Connection To All of Life:
The Four Sacred Gifts

In this moment, when we look around, we see division, separation, and anger, causing spiritual pain and needless suffering. We feel alone in a perilous world, hanging on as best we can in the face of so much hurt and isolation. We look for some sign, some pathway toward healing and hope. When we lose faith in our capacity to shine forth in this time we can begin to question our inspired purpose on this beautiful earth.

Through the millennia, our indigenous relatives have held an intimate understanding of our human position in the hoop of life being of grace, hope, and connection to all life. Today, we have a golden opportunity to learn from their wisdom through the Four Sacred Gifts. These gifts will lead you toward spiritual, emotional, and physical health, drawing on our natural inheritance. We listen with our hearts and the softest part of our ear to the natural intelligence that guides the vitality and abundance of all life.

Hear Why I Created
The Four Sacred Gifts course:

Indigenous Wisdom: Embracing the Four Sacred Gifts For Transformation and Self-Love

This course is here to support you to live in “right relationship” – harmony and balance – with yourself and all beings at this extraordinary time in human evolution. I will share the Four Sacred Gifts from indigenous Elders that show you how to be a life-giving connection to yourself, to other people, and to the earth.

The Four Sacred Gifts of forgiving the unforgivable, unity, healing, and hope in action provide us with a path to our most grounded, loving, healed, and generous selves.

You will re-discover your innate genius for living as a whole human being through deep and generative self-exploration. In rituals, exercises, lessons, audio and video inspirations, and beautiful meditations, you will foster your re-emergence into a profoundly vibrant community with yourself and all of life.

In this course, you will learn:

  • The significance of indigenous wisdom and its relevance for you and humanity.
  • The art of cultivating “right relationship” with yourself, others, and the Earth.
  • The transformative power of forgiveness as a sacred gift within you.
  • How to navigate the path of forgiveness, even in the face of the seemingly unforgivable.
  • The power of unity and interconnectedness, and how to harness it.
  • Tools for growing your ability to create unity and belonging.
  • The healing potential in your life and how to recognize it.
  • The four essential elements of healing and their application.
  • The power of hope in action and how to embrace it.
  • Overcoming doubt and reigniting hope to prevent its decline.

You Can’t Google Wisdom

It is time to draw upon the deeper experience of wisdom and the knowledge that we gained over the millennia which reminds us that we come from – and are part of – the natural world. We humans are, in truth, natural beings inextricably interconnected with everything and everyone around us. Our spiritual, physical, and emotional health are utterly dependent on our connection to all beings of the earth – human, plant, animal, and mineral. When we listen to our many relations with the softest part of our ear, we draw on our natural inheritance: the wisdom our indigenous Elders are holding for us.

Meet Dr. Anita Sanchez, Nahua (Aztec)

I am living proof of the power of indigenous wisdom. In my young life, I experienced hardship, abuse, the murder of my father, and attempted suicide. I could easily have been headed toward a tragic life story. Yet, supported by the lessons of my indigenous relatives, I emerged from that time to grow whole and healthy.

Drawing on the bedrock of my ancestors’ knowledge, I have built deep and strong relationships, exceeded the dreams of my family, and excelled at working with executives, teams, and community members around the world helping them to expand into life-giving relationships with people, the earth, and spirit.

At the same time, I also had moments of deep doubt. I questioned if I was being true to my purpose and if I was someone who could let go of my past to find a way out of the shadows of disappointment and despair.

After thousands of workshops and trainings, and hundreds of coaching sessions, I
began to doubt my vision of creating “lasting bridges of understanding” between
people’s similarities and differences around the world. I felt like I was falling short in
inspiring and tooling a mass of leaders, a movement of people who can understand that
we are all one.It was during a conference led by indigenous elders that I experienced the Hoop of Life
and the Four Sacred Gifts during a life changing ceremony. When I entered the
ceremony in 1994, I was filled with doubt and despair about the impact of my own
humanitarian efforts. And when I left the ceremony, I experienced healing, renewed faith and deep connection to the Four Sacred Gifts and to my life-long dream.

The Four Sacred Gifts brought me back to being good medicine, guiding my journey
back to alignment of the spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical, lifting me into life
satisfaction, redoubled contribution to a healed world and connection to the Hoop of
Life. These gifts are meant for you, too.

Today, I always come home to the Four Sacred Gifts to dive further into the well of
innate wisdom that always emerges when I find myself out of harmony and balance. I
am a joyful partner, mother and friend, a world-renowned consultant, coach, leader,
speaker and international award-winning author. I am living my dreams.

“2020 World-Changing Woman” – Conscious Company

“2020 Woman of the Hour, #She’sMyHero” – World Woman Foundation

2022 Mogul’s Top 100 DEI Leaders


Four Sacred Gifts from the Elders

In “The Four Sacred Gifts,” I recount the story of The Eagle Hoop Prophecy, based on the dream of a Mohican Elder, a dream of a sacred hoop surrounded by eagle feathers. This vision called for all peoples to come together as one.

Indigenous elders came from all over the globe – the Americas, Asia, the Arctic, and Africa – and held a ceremony which brought forth four gifts for us all to receive in order to do the sacred work of remembering our oneness:

The Eagle Hoop

The Eagle Hoop represents the circle of life and the Four Sacred Gifts and shows us how to live and know our intimate interconnection as a powerful force and powerful medicine. You will see, with clearer vision, the strength and wisdom of our Oneness. The Gifts of the Hoop will help you realize who you are, what you are, and use your power to create harmony and connection with all other beings.

You and I, all of us, indigenous and non-indigenous, are meant to fulfill the message of the Hoop with its Four Sacred Gifts. This is what is needed to joyfully fuel our hearts, thoughts, and actions in order to deepen our understanding, to live the truth, the reality that we are all connected.

I Created the Four Sacred Gifts Course for YOU

The Four Sacred Gifts are meant to be shared and are intended as guidance for all humanity. I have committed myself to carrying the Elders’ message across the globe, offering this wisdom to all who will hear it. I feel blessed that, today, I can offer it to you in this course, where you can immerse yourself in the wisdom teachings, be uplifted by your infinite possibilities, and transform your life by experiencing the force of forgiving the unforgivable, healing, unity, and hope in your life and in the world.

Wisdom That Brings Inspiration and Abundance

In each of the six chapters of the course, you will receive lessons of indigenous wisdom, undertake exercises to deepen your understanding, engage in rituals to take the wisdom into yourself, and participate in meditations that hold you gently as you learn. At every step, you are invited to go deeper into your transformation with caring, compassion, and self-love in a cycle that you can experience ever more profoundly each time you return.

In the Introduction to the course, you will meet Anita and learn about how the Four Sacred Gifts were born.

In the Gift of the Power to Forgive the Unforgivable, you will learn how forgiveness is a choice and that the path to freedom lies within you.

In the Gift of the Power of Unity, you will learn how to cultivate the feeling of connectedness to dispel feelings of isolation and loneliness.

In the Gift of the Power of Healing, you will learn how to heal your whole being using good medicine and techniques supported by love and kindness.

In the Gift of the Power of Hope, you will learn how to choose hope and a vision for your future to overcome challenging feelings of doubt and despair.

In the Closing, you will review all the lessons, exercises, rituals, and meditations you experienced to make the Four Sacred Gifts a part of your lifelong practice.


Bonus #1

Meet Anita Online Live Every Month!

By participating in the course, you will be invited to join me in a live event, every month, where you can ask questions, share experiences, and hear the stories of others who are on this journey with us. Our purpose is to keep learning, growing, and becoming shining lights in our own lives and lives of all we touch. In community, we are nourished, sustained, and inspired.

Bonus #2

Continue to Learn From Indigenous Elders From Across the Globe

Indigenous wisdom is meant to be shared and the voices of Elders’ from all parts of the world are rising. When you register for this course, you too will be in the circle to learn from the Elders as they share their knowledge, describe their visions, and speak their messages. I will share them with you in a special newsletter, Wisdom From the Hoop of Life, sent directly to you every month.

Harmony. Balance. Meaning. Today.

YOU can learn how to forgive the unforgivable, to heal, to unite with all life, and to revitalize the hope that allows us to dream.

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Your Benefit: Infinite

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